Linksys Extender Setup

To eliminate the limitations of a routers wireless network and to get the range of the WI-FI signals till the desired areas Extenders plays an important role. Users living within concrete walls, electronic devices, basements or maybe multi floor building usually face challenges with internet connectivity on their devices until they are very close to the router or hardwired with a Ethernet cable. Linksys RE 7000 Max-Stream Ac 1900+ is one the best extenders in the market relaying internet from the main router.

While settings up the extender make sure your extender is as close as 3 to 5 feet from the router so that the connection procedure for the first time goes without problem. Take the extender out of the box and plug it to the wall. We will use Linksys WRT3200ACM router in this example of process. Once plugged in we should get blinking green light at first and then should later turn solid green, and then later it should turn solid orange signalling ready for setup.

Dead zones, strategically placed to make you lose your peace of mind.

Get rid of these easily with Linksys Range Extenders, which can easily eliminate the multiple dead zones with their powerful technology that boosts your WiFi router signal across the multiple domains of your home. With the products that are easy to install and the powerful dual-band action that promises high data transfer speed; it’s the perfect solution to your problem of intermittent connectivity. Along with the accessibility and the powerful features, there does exist a few questions that customers generally seek an answer for.

 First of the few, let’s talk about the WPS or the Power LED and what does the multiple colors and patterns mean.

What does the Power/WPS LED indicate?

The Power or the WPS LED state different meaning for different color and pattern it shows. Few of these being:
  • OFF – The Wireless Range Extender is turned off.
  • Blinking Green – Generally the blinking of green light would indicate that either the extender is starting, the factory setting are being reset, when the device is upgrading its Firmware or WPS connection is being located.
  • Solid Green – You can use the extender, all connections are established
  • Blinking Orange – When the extender can’t establish connection
  • Solid Orange – The 2.4 or 5 GHz connection is weak

The next most asked question that a lot of people try to know, what versions of the OS the RE4100W range extender can run on.

What OS would my Linksys RE4100W run on?

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
WIndows 8

Leopard 10.5.8 or higher
Snow leopard 10.6.1 or higher
Lion 10.7 all
Mountain Lion 10.8 all
Mavericks 10.9
Yosemite 10.10

To those who have statically defined all the IPs of the devices in their house, we know you like to know the steps to the following request.

You can choose to give your Range extender a static IP that you have pre decided. The steps to that are:

Step 1: Open the Web-based setup page of your Range extender

Step 2: Look for the Wireless tab. After clicking that, find the option Extender Wifi Option.

Step 3: Under the drop-down menu you will get the option of selecting static IP.

Step 4: Find the columns and fill in the appropriate Internet IP, subnet mask value and the default gateway.

Step 5: Save the above performed steps.

A few times, your Range Extender does face issue like the couple mentioned below. To resolve them, just follow the steps/perform the checks.

During a time when your RE is experiencing an intermittent connection you can choose to perform the following check:
Have your RE placed at a place with at least 50% of your wifi router range. If you’re unsure about the distance or the range you can do the next check.
Check the RE wireless signal by accessing the web-based setup page of your RE and under that go and click on Status then WLAN Statistics and then Signal strength.
Alternatively, you can also check your computers WIFI connection.


In order to see why you can’t connect your range extender to the router or access point, you need to perform check of the following 4 points:

  • Before setting up the RE, have it placed somewhat closer to the router. Once you have the connection setup, you can move the RE away from the router.
  • It could be because of the obstruction of signals. You might have to check an alternate location of the Range Extender or the router.
  • Make sure the router and the RE are placed away from the objects which cause signal interference like metal objects, masonry walls, objects which reflect in general like mirror and/or other electronic devices which cause interference.
  • While using the WPS to connect the devices, make sure the WPS and indicator light stops blinking first before to you try to establish the connection between the two devices.

You can check the IP address by using CMD on you r windows computer 

  • First open CMD.
  • Type ipconfig.
  • It will display you the IP address for your extender.
  • Type that IP address on your Browser and press ENTER.

Range Extender

Ushering in a new age of cloud, technology is evolving even faster than expected today. Not a lot of years ago we were at awe on the very premise of Wi-Fi and suddenly, it seems to exist in everyone’s home now. The fact that you can have the control of the router without even being in the vicinity of it is a rather brilliant concept. With the advancing technology, you can effectively personally check the number of devices that’s connected on the network, add or remove the security settings, update Linksys smart Wi-Fi firmware, or just choose to shut down the internet connectivity to the wireless device.

This new era of routers were specifically introduced by Linksys, the corporation which time and again introduces innovative technology integrated with the wireless devices which provides flexibility and effective control to its user. The new range of smart devices which have the capabilities of connecting with the Linksys smart Wi-Fi app and providing full control while being connected on the internet are powered with multiple features which make them quite special. With them you can perform a number of functions like:

Access device list

After accessing the app you can check the number of devices and the names of those which are connected to your Wi-Fi router. You can also provide or deny access to these devices as per your need.

Allow and monitor guests

With the Linksys smart Wi-Fi app you can allow up to 50 guest devices to the network. These guest connections have limited access to the administrative tools of the router, thus providing adequate security.

Parental control

You can also effectively control internet traffic of the devices that your kids have access to. Using the app, you can block access to or permit particular sites, block the internet access to the device after a particular time and observe the sites they are accessing.

Wi-Fi settings

The Linksys smart Wi-Fi app also gives you full access to make changes to the settings of your Wi-Fi router letting you control it from anywhere in the world with your smart device having access to the internet.


Once solid orange light and the Linksys extender is close to the router start with pressing a WPS button on the main router that would be available on the back panel on extreme left a blue button with two arrows circling symbol. After four to five seconds release the button you will notice a WPS light blinking on front panel of the router. Now go press the WPS button on the extender this time found on the side panel for about 4-5 seconds you will notice the WPS button itself lights up yellow and the main light on the extender light in front turn green from orange, blinks green then later goes solid informing the setup process did go through and there is a 2G band wireless connection established between the Linksys R7000 extender and the Linksys WRT32000ACM router.Now repeat the similar WPS button pressing process again to get the 5G band wireless connection setup too and once the light on the extender goes solid again the Extender setup is complete. To double check that if WiFi is working using computer , phone , tablet access the WI-FI list and you will notice the extender names showing up in the list and also the extender names are copy of the main router WI-FI name but with _EXT2G and _EXT5G at the end assigned automatically. The process might fail if the extender is too far from the main router. Now you can easily unplug the extender from the wall and plug it in far away from router towards the direction you get dead zones. The light turns on blinking green and later turns solid, if it is solid or blinking orange that means it is too far and try bringing it closer to the router until turn solid.Instructions booklet is included in box for setup, if still need help or if WPS is not an option on your router the setup process can be performed using an Ethernet cable connected in between a computer and the extender. Access the extender URL on any of the browser that is or type in the IP of the extender that is on the address bar. That will give access to the login page of the extender where it could be configured following simple steps like choosing the wireless network name to connect to or assigning names and password for the new extender.